Secure Commodities

An innovative commodities management solution

details of THE solution

Secure Commodities enables more independent governance
and increased quality assurance in the management of

Centralised and Secured Database The Secure Commodities database holds valuable quality information on product origin, quantity, grade and movement (logistics). The database allows our clients: financiers, aggregators, farmers and superintendents – an increased breadth of operating information for more streamlined identification and management of commodity assets.

RFID Technology Patented Secure Commodities RFID technologies attached to, and placed within product storage, give unique identification, assurance and tracking information to commodities of all types.

Sensor Technology Secure Commodities patented sensor technology enables the acquisition of vital measurable data, encompassing among other things temperature changes and range, moisture, and carbon dioxide. The ability to obtain this type of information is the inherent advantage provided by Secure Commodities for the assurance of valuable commodity assets.

Storage Secure Commodities provides innovative storage solutions through a partnership with Silo Bag. Silo bags have proven to be inexpensive, environmentally friendly and allow for functional alternative storage without additional and associated transport and handling costs.

Access and Assurance The availability and assurance of quality information, provided by the access to a central database can be measured in terms of its information value to buyers, financiers and traders, for the more streamlined identification and management of commodity transactions.